Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Program Grant

What is the Mi'kmaq Cultural Heritage Program Grant?

The Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Program is an annual grant intended to support Indigenous organizations and groups pass on traditional knowledge or host celebrations that promote Indigenous pride and identity.

What types of projects can be supported?

The programs can support costs associated with the following types of activities:

  • Events or celebrations to recognize Mi’kmaq identity, such as those held on National Indigenous People’s Day or St. Anne’s Day.
  • Local or regional events or celebrations that pass on Mi’kmaq cultural heritage, such as community ceremonies or feasts.
  • Workshops that support traditional tangible knowledge transfer such as making regalia, musical instruments, baskets.
  • Workshops that support intangible knowledge transfer through knowledge keepers and Elders such as us of traditional medicine, talking circles, land-based learning, language.
Who can apply?

The Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Program is eligible to M’ikmaq groups or organizations celebrating Indigenous culture or supporting the transfer of cultural knowledge.  Non-incorporated applicants are encouraged to include a minimum of two (2) letters of support from organizations establishing their standing in the community.

What amount of funding is available?

Events or Celebrations

  • Single-day events or celebrations are eligible for up to $1000
  • Multi-day (or regional) events or celebrations are eligible for up to $2000


  • Single-day workshops are eligible for up to $1000
  • Multi-day (or regional) workshops are eligible for up to $2000
What are the funding requirements?

Applicants are encouraged to submit their completed application at least six weeks in advance of the event or workshop.   Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project ideas with the Qalipu Cultural Resource Coordinator prior to submitting their application for review.

What are Eligible Expenditures?

Eligible expenses may include:

  • Facility rentals
  • Honoraria/ travel for knowledge keeps or Elders
  • Materials or supplies necessary for workshops
  • Food (deemed necessary for celebrations)
  • Communication and promotions

Non-eligible expenses may include:

  • Consulting fees
  • Project management fees
  • Administrative costs
  • Costs deemed to be core funding
  • Food for workshop participants
  • Travel for participants

Projects may be funded up to 100% of costs to the maximum eligible for the event of workshop, however, applicants are encouraged to provide additional contributions, in the form of financial, in-kind or supplies.


How are proposals evaluated?

The Qalipu Cultural Foundation will review submitted applications in consideration of the following criteria:

  • Merit of the project to advance the preservation or promotion of Mi’kmaq culture
  • Project management or event planning experience
  • Number of participants targeted
  • Clearly defined description of event, celebration or workshop
  • Clear breakdown of revenue and costs
When are the deadlines for applications?

Applications are accepted throughout the year; however, applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the event, celebration or workshop.  Applications will be reviewed regularly to ensure a timely decision.


What If I am a successful applicant?

Successful applicants may request up to seventy-five percent (75%) of their approved grant prior to activities. The balance of the grant will be issued upon succesful project completion and submission of a final report.

Ask A Question

Any questions or comments regarding Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Program Application Guidelines can be directed to Nicole Travers, Cultural Resource Coordinator,  Qalipu First Nation Band, 709-634-4706 or by completing the form below.