The 4th annual Ke’tipnemk (Harvest) Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction took place on Saturday, October 13th, at Jennifer’s Restaurant. There were 115 people in attendance to experience an evening of cultural celebration. The event included a three-course meal, cultural experiences, and a silent auction featuring a beautiful display of over 40 pieces of art and handmade crafts donated by local community members.

The evening started with a prayer from special guest, Stephen Augustine, and a room smudge by Nicole Travers. Stephen was visiting Newfoundland from his home in Cape Breton where he is Hereditary Chief on the Mi’kmaq Grand Council and Associate Vice President of Indigenous Affairs of Unama’ki College at Cape Breton University.

The first cultural experience of the evening was an interactive language lesson lead by Marcella Williams and Shane Snook. As everyone was enjoying their moose stew appetizer, Marcella and Shane explained the Mi’kmaq words for the food and other items on the table.

Guests were then treated to a lesson and demonstration of the traditional Jingle Dance by Arlene Blanchard-White and youth dancer, Madison Bedo. Audience members were invited to learn the steps of the Jingle Dance and enjoy a group dance.

Paul Pike and Brian McHugh sang a collection of traditional and original songs to cap the evening. Paul also played the traditional flute and hand drum.

This year’s event raised over $6000 for the Qalipu Cultural Foundation. This money is used to support programs that enhance Mi’kmaq culture in Newfoundland. QCF provides funding for local cultural events, the RNC Police Academy, Outdoor Education at Killdevil Camp, and National Indigenous Peoples Day.


Art and Craft Donated by: 

Allan Todd Neil                                  Odelle Pike                                      Dominic and Jack Blanchard

Bunchberry Beadwork                     Marilyn Matthews                          Scott Butt

Lisa Hann                                           Trudy Veitch                                   Cora Butt

Dawn Sampson                                 Shirl Lake                                        Marie Eastman

Dawn Baker                                       Georgette Pike                                Lynda Langdon

Jackie Alcock                                    Duncan Chisolm                            Diane Dabinett

Natural Boutique                             Brian Lasaga                                   Herb Hopkins

Susan Engram                                 Symone Howell                               Glen Pardy Art

Pauline Gilley                                  Edith Miller                                     Florence Pinhorn



Mountain Level:                                                   Brook Level:

Tract Consulting Inc                                           Pirates Haven

Barry Group                                                          Holiday Inn Express

Tree Level:                                                             WaterWerks Communications

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper                          Brendan Mitchell

River Level:                                                           Mervyn & Sherry Dean

Poole Althouse                                                     Keith Goulding

Parks Canada                                                        Colemans


Allan Todd Neil

Antler Carving by Allan Todd Neil


Moccasins by Pauline Gilley


Beaded Earrings by Bunchberry Beadwork


Jingle Dancers, Arlene Blanchard-White and Madison Bedo


Planning Committee Member, Sherry Dean with Stephen Augustine