The Foundation recently hosted its third annual Ke’tipnemk Fundraising Gala and Silent Auction on October 14, 2017 at Jennifer’s Restaurant in Corner Brook. The event featured donated artwork from indigenous artists, musical performances by Souli’an and Angela Brown, and sharing of the dance with Fancy Shawl Dancer Julia Blanchard. A three-course meal, consisting of expertly prepared traditional foods, was served. Labrador tea, harvested and prepared by the planning committee, was also served. Money raised at the gala is used to promote and support grass roots initiatives, involve communities in learning opportunities and preserve our heritage for future generations.

“This year the Gala made a total of $14,040.00 in tickets sales, sponsorship, arts and crafts. After this year’s expenses were paid we have cleared $9,150.52” – Mitch Blanchard, Resource Coordinator

Message from the Chair:

Well another successful Ke’tipnemk Harvest Gala. The food was delicious, the company exceptional, the ambiance exquisite, and the entertainment beautiful, thought provoking and sublime.

The artwork, crafts and items for auction met the high standards of previous years ensuring competitive bidding. I wish to acknowledge the contributors of these auction items. Whether it was a donation, or a 50/50 consignment, your donation is so gratefully appreciated. I, and the Qalipu Cultural Foundation Board, thank you for being a very large part of the evening. We could not have proceed without you.

The Qalipu Cultural Foundation relies heavily on the monies raised at our Annual Gala to support Mi’kmaq/Aboriginal culturally based programming in our communities. With the help of our many volunteers, we continue to work towards fulfilling our mandate.

Initially the Dinner/Art Auction format combination was chosen not fully knowing what kind of response it would receive. This past Gala being our third annual event, I can only say I think it was, and is, a solid choice. In three short years the Harvest Gala has gained recognition as being a premier event. It has grown, not only in terms of money raised but in becoming a Cultural event of its own. Each year, I see Aboriginal Artists and Crafters become more confident in the works they produce and chose to contribute to the Foundation. I see Aboriginal performing artists embrace their cultural roots. In the faces of the people attending I see a pride in being part of this Cultural heritage, reawakening and evolution. I also see people who are eager to share all these aspects.

I would also like to thank the Qalipu Band for its support and the staff who work so tirelessly each year to ensure that the Gala is a success.


Marie Eastman
QCF Chair

Your passion makes our communities stronger

Artists and Crafters

Briar Bennett Dawn Samson
Duncan Chisolm Janice Cooper-Hardy
Jenna Osmond Lisa Dicesare
Marcus Gosse Marilyn Matthews
Nicole Travers Nona-Matthews Gosse
Pauline Gilley Ralph Eldridge
Robin Gosse RONiN Photo
Sherry and Marvyn Dean Yes B’y Beading
Scott Butt



Mountain Level

Allen’s Fisheries Limited Pal Airlines
Steele Communications Tract Consulting Inc
Valard Construction LP  


Tree Level

Fougere Menchenton Architecture Inc Pirates Haven
State of the Arts Western Steel
River Level Comfort Inn
Four Season Boat Tours Dr. Mervyn & Sherry Dean
Humber Motors Ford Inventors Group



Brook Level

Barnes Sporting Goods Blanchard’s Heating & Cooling LTD
Colemans Dicks and Company Basics
Marble Mountain Resort Marble RV
North Atlantic Petroleum  


Friends of the Foundation

George Alteen Ltd Newfound Sushi
Mike Broadbent Jennifer Broadbent
Chase Broadbent Oberyn Broadbent





Julia Blanchard, Fancy Shawl Dancer


Antler Carving by Scott Butt



Antler Carving (Flying Eagle) by Brad Gilliam